Warren Computer Business May Be Open, Struggles Continue

Warren, RI — Crazy Computers is open for business. That wasn’t the case for two months as they had to shut down because of the health risks posed by the coronavirus. While their “Closed” sign has gone away, the struggles have not.

The business, which has been in Warren since 1998, is a small technology shop that serves the community by repairing computers. They also solve other issues posed by a variety of digital devices and networks.

Even with support from the CARES Act, the 2-month shutdown was a tough storm for part-owner Cezary Eliminowicz to weather. With the door closed and all business put on hold, they were not bringing in any revenue.

“Everyday is touch and go,” Eliminocowicz said. “There is less walk-in traffic and no more housecalls. We have work,” he added, “not like it was before, but still enough to keep us afloat.”

As the pandemic started to grip Warren and the rest of the country, Eliminocowicz saw a surge in business as companies prepared to shift to a work-at-home situation. While there is a lot that he can do for his clients remotely, Eliminocowicz is finding it difficult to get the parts that he needs for some repairs.

Repairs that normally take a day, may need three to be finished. As a result, they have had to limit the amount of business that they take on.

During the closure, they did their best to ramp up their online presence, staying in touch with their community as much as possible.

“We wanted to take this time to say how appreciative we are for the unwavering support and trust that our customers have given us through the years,” they wrote to their clients on Facebook on July 29.

“It has always been the biggest driver for our continued growth.”

A small company, the staff largely consists only of Eliminocowicz and his partner. But due to health concerns presented by COVID-19, their technician has not yet been able to return to work, forcing the entirety of the new workload to fall onto Eliminocowicz’s shoulders.

Eliminocowicz may have the store open but the way he does business is different. Crazy Computers now has a stronger online presence and while customers can come into the store, they can only do it one at a time. In between customers, the place gets a thorough cleansing.

“Hopefully, a vaccine will stabilize things,” Eliminocowicz said.

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This article originally appeared on the Bristol-Warren Patch