Tri Wing Screws on the Wii U: Question and Answer

If you have ever tried to take apart the Wii U I am sure you have noticed that there are screws holding it together that require a Y-shaped screwdriver to take them out. These type of screws are known as tri wing screws and are sometimes called the Nintendo screw. The reason they are known as the Nintendo screw is because Nintendo has used it for many years to put together their video game consoles and other products.

In this article we will be answering a few questions that you might have about these screws in relation to the Wii U. We will also be answering some questions that you probably haven’t thought of but will be interested in.

Question: What is the deal with the tri wing screw? Does Nintendo know it is inconvenient?

Answer: Yes, Nintendo knows that it is inconvenient and they intended it to be that way. Many times companies will use something called a security screw. A security screw is a screw that requires a tool that is not very easily accessible to take it out. Companies like Nintendo use this type of screw because they do not want just anyone to be able to take apart their stuff. They would rather you sent it in to be fixed or bought a new console.

Question: Does the Wii U only use tri wing screws?

Answer: No, there are not only tri wing screws that are at work holding the Wii U together. There are a few small Phillips screws in the mix as well. When taking apart a Wii U you will need to keep a Phillips screwdriver handy along with your tri wing screwdriver.

Question: Does the Wii U game pad use tri wing screws too?

Answer: Yes! The game pad is also guilty of using these little screws. When it comes to a product made by Nintendo it has a 95% chance of using this type of screw. The game pad, just like the actual console, uses a mix of tri wing and Phillips screws.

Question: Why does Nintendo use Phillips screws too? Can’t they use one type of screw instead of multiple?

Answer: This is a mystery to all of us. Your guess is as good as the next. It seems like it would make more sense to use one type instead of mixing and matching but I guess we will just have to continue to scratch our heads.

Question: Are there any websites that sell a good tri wing screwdriver?

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