Totally Free Internet Marketing Tools

The only avenue to successful online sales is through effective online marketing. The most frequently asked question about online marketing is ” what tools do I use to run my online business”. We have a lot of these marketing tools out there that are very efficient and reliable – paid and free marketing tools.

Below, I have tried to stick to a few of these tools.I believe they will be useful to you in your internet marketing. A lot more research on your own part is very import to see what really works for you.The tools listed here has been in used by various internet marketers. Also, the best part of it all is that these tools are totally FREE! So why don’t you try them today, I see if they really work.

Google Reader
Use RSS to keep up to date with the best content on the web.

A free online tool that allows you to convert files from one format to another, without the need to download bulky software.

Good Keywords
Good Keywords is a cool little downloadable program that helps you with your keyword research.

Google Alerts
Another good time saver that is completely free. You simply tell Google what keyword you’d like to monitor, and then when that keyword appears in Google, you get a nice little email telling you all about it.

Onlywire Bookmarklet
Social bookmarking is huge right now, and it’s a brilliant way to drive a ton of traffic for free.

There is a good chance that at some point you’ll need to use some sort of graphics editor. The beauty of Gimp is that it is completely free of charge, and it has more than enough functions for you to work with.

Google Analytics
This is a good tracking and stats tool. This will help you in tracking your visitor numbers.

eBay Pulse
This helps you know what people are searching for online and what people are buying. The eBay pulse shows you what people are searching for, and what people are actually buying, and that’s valuable information to have at your finger tips.

Blopulse is free research tool that allows you to discover what’s hot and what’s not in the blogsphere.

Google Trends
Another Google is another free marketing tools you can use for your online marketing.

Well that is just a few of the various tools at your disposal. There are lots of other methods out there that really works. These five can as well get you started.

Finally, creating financial freedom is what every one desires,other ways you can as well create these wealth are discussed here. They are ideas you can start at the comfort of your home.

Good luck!

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