Top 5 Internet Marketing Strategies in 2019

Internet marketing and digital advertisement have gained prominence throughout the past couple of years like wildfire. With the huge digitization of media and entertainment industry among many others, internet marketing gained prominence. It has grown to become a popular choice of advertisement strategy alongside banners, billboards, and commercials, etc. Every day, with over 3.5 billion search queries, there is no doubt that Internet Marketing Strategies is among the trending topics.

Thus here we are going to enlist top 5 internet marketing strategies to implement in 2019. They are listed below:-

1. Chat-Bot Marketing –

In this era of being a busybody, running a company and interacting with each and every customer becomes a real challenge. This is where the chat bots come into play. You can create your own chat bots, with automated replies via text or message, and the customer will not even realize whether they are interacting with a customer care provider or a bot.

The Facebook messenger connects over 2 billion people, so Facebook chat bots have become a real and popular solution to boosting up the digital market. Since chat bots can be used to generate human dialogue, it can be used to reply to customer queries, spread important information, and to provide user-friendly assistance to the buyer/page visitor.

2. SEO –

Search engine optimization is the best way to remain on the top of the search list by using and enabling certain keywords which increase the hit score according to the type of business. For long-term strategies, this is possibly the best way out, as it is cost-effective also. The investment is not indefinite as once a site gets ranked, it will remain so; increasing the influx of traffic and in turn, increase in sales. If a company is looking for outsourcing on a digital platform, opting for SEO is no doubt a suitable choice, given it is maintained regularly.

3. Inbound Marketing –

Human judgments integrate emotions. So emphasizing on the attachment of value and sentiments to a product and not only superficial advertising also plays a major part in successful digital marketing. Not interrupting the thought process of a customer, rather giving choices for personalized products is the base of inbound marketing. It is also a long-time investment, with high returns if the market is consistently maintained.

4. Influencer Marketing –

People nowadays not only look for the popularity of an influencer but also look for the quality of follower. Classic marketing strategies like word-of-mouth marketing and advocate marketing, are now being popularized in the digital marketing field. An advocate influencer instructing and convincing the people who are completely away from the world of advertising does a great job in gaining organic customers. Reaching out to the masses on social media, promoting a product, and creating a good community of netizens in bulk, influencer marketing is sure a bold and new technique.

5. Digital PR s-

Everybody, nowadays, spend a lot of time on digital platforms. With a lot of spam messages and time-consuming news and contents, digital PR plays a very crucial role in creating a niche for brands and businesses. Though it is not a very new technique, and public relations date back to the beginning of marketing; still, PR cannot be ignored nonetheless. It is just about the right exposure to the target customers in a positive light. A personal brand can also be popularized using digital PR. It takes less work than traditional PR but is more effective.

Due to global digitization Internet Marketing Strategies, like the ones listed above, have grown to become prominent contributing factors in the field of media and mass communication. The better you have your strategies figures out, the better shot you have in reaching the boulevard of success.

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