Top 10 New Games Announced in April 2022

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April is now gone, but the games that were revealed in it still have hold of many people’s memories. After all, whether they released soon after announcement, or are coming in down the line, they are important to those who want to play them. So allow us to show you the Top 10 New Games Announced in April 2022!

#10 Nobody Saves the World

For a game that you honestly can play right now, we highly recommend Nobody Saves The World. This is a title that puts you in the role of…well…Nobody. No, really, that’s his name to start.

And Nobody at first can do very little. But over time, they’ll be able to inhabit and become a variety of other beings and creatures. Each one has a unique playstyle and set of abilities for you to use as you traverse a set of dungeons in the quest of saving the world.

The fun here is in the replayability, as you can go through the game as just one of Nobody’s transformations, or level up enough to unlock every single transformation available. Either way, you’ll have a fun time doing it. Now those on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 can partake in the fun.

#9 F1 22

For those who are racing fans, then F1 22 is obviously one that you’re going to want to be a part of when it releases.

The game from Codemasters is the official title of F1 Racing. What’s more, it’s made to coincide with the racing season that F1 has going on. So not only are you going to be racing in the actual F1 cars, but you’ll doing it on the set of courses and tracks that the racing season will be on.

This kind of accuracy brings a lot of perks and thrills for diehard fans. Not to mention, the game looks really good, especially on next-gen systems.

#8 Fueled Up

While Fueled Up may at first sound like a racing title (it’s not hard to see why you’d think that either), it’s actually. Rather, it’s a co-op space simulator of sorts…with a big twist.

Because you and your friends will take on the roles of a rag tag group of characters whose job is to go throughout space and fix ships so that they can fly again. No problems with that, right? Except, the thing standing in your way of doing that easily is a giant space octopus that is trying to eat the ships.

Plus, you’ll face other dangers as you try and fix everything. So brave the dangers, fix the ships, and…avoid the space octopus.

#7 Neverwinter – Dragonslayer

Neverwinter has been around for quite some time. And now, things are growing through Neverwinter – Dragonslayer.

In this update, you’ll get to face against…well…dragons. Obviously. But not just dragons, you’ll face off against “tormented dragons” who have come to assault the land. You’ll get to go on Dragon Hunts, as well as face off once again with the Mother of Dragons (no Game of Thrones reference, please!!!).

Oh, and there’s apparently a 5-headed dragon goddess named Tiamat you get to fight. That sounds…fun…?

#6 The Knight Witch

What do you get when you mix Metroidvania, shoot-em up action, and a hand-drawn world to oogle at? That would be The Knight Witch.

In this game you play as…obviously… The Knight Witch, a character who is set off into an open-ended Metroidvania style world “without barriers” to go and fight monsters. But how you do that is up to you.

You can use magic, or you can use weapons, OR, you can blend the two together to make something altogether more fun to you.

The more achieve in the world, the more that the people will talk about you, and reward you. So when the time comes, jump in and see just how grand a Knight Witch you can be.

#5 Rogue Legacy 2 v.1.0

In our day and age, there are multiple ways to go and get a video game “launch ready”. Some take the Steam Early Access route and go build up their game over time with fans help. It’s a really useful thing and it often goes well so long as enough people play it.

And that’s where Rogue Legacy 2 v.1.0 comes in. Because in late April, they went off of Early Access and launched on both PC and console.

This is an action-adventure title where every time you die, your children succeed you, and you keep journeying into the central location to do better than the last in your line and do more for your family.

It’s a unique game that is now out in full, so don’t miss out!

#4 Deadcraft

Deadcraft is definitely a unique twist on the zombie survival formula. We say that because in the game, you play as a man who is half-zombie. Yeah, that’s a thing.

But wait, it gets weirder, to fight off humanity and those who have wronged you, you’re actually going to go and FARM the dead and raise an undead army of followers. And that’s on top of using your half-dead form to attack your enemies as you wish.

Forage for supplies, grow the best army possible, get human allies where you can (and if you want) and get your revenge!

#3 Lonesome Village

Lonesome Village is a mix of many games, including a city-builder, an adventure title, and a mystery game. In it, you’ll play as a coyote who has found a village that was wiped out after a calamity.

Now, you must help rebuild the village, all the while exploring a mysterious tower and going through dungeons one at a time to ascend it. Along the way you’ll rescue villagers, make friends, get new items for your adventure, and more.

So this is a game that you can have fun or, or just have a relaxing time in. What could be better?

#2 Amy Hennig Star Wars Game

Star Wars is arguably bigger than ever right now, and as a result, multiple games are in the works. However, to get to this point, may games in the Star Wars universe (galaxy?) were canceled. And one of them was being headed up by veteran game developer Amy Hennig.

Now though, she and Skydance New Media are teaming up with Lucasfilm Games in order to make a new Star Wars title.

We don’t know what it is yet. But it could be something rather grand given Amy’s background in gaming. So we’ll just have to stay tuned for more details.

#1 Halo Infinite Season 2

Finally, let’s talk something that many are hoping is really good, Halo Infinite Season 2.

Halo Infinite as a game was mixed in certain ways. The story didn’t live up to the hype, but the mutliplayer modes, slightly open-world feel and new gameplay mechanics did cover up a lot of the games sins. And since it’s Halo, multiplayer is going to be active in the community for quite some time.

As for some of what you can expect in these improvements, how about:

Two new multiplayer maps, Catalyst and Breaker.

Two new multiplayer modes, King of the Hill and Last Spartan Standing.

The first half of the “Interference Alpha Pack” narrative event, continuing the multiplayer’s intertwined story first explored at launch.

New Slayer variants added to matchmaking playlists.

A full reset to Halo Infinite’s multiplayer ranks.

Various “quality of life improvements” throughout multiplayer.

And more!

So stay tuned and prepare to finish the fight.