Things to consider when choosing a Telecom Provider

5 Things to consider when choosing a Telecom Provider - Sify Technologies

The pandemic has shown how much we need communication and depend on mobile communications and the Internet. By phone, we solve work problems, we support our loved ones at a distance, we keep in touch with friends. Therefore, choosing reliable phone companies becomes a matter, not so much of a momentary decision as of a scrupulous and careful study of all the details. Let’s figure out together what you need to pay attention to to always be in touch without problems and unnecessary costs.

To understand who is the best mobile operator, you must first decide what to expect from the operator.

·       make sure you pay attention to the technical characteristics of the services offered

·       communication quality

·       coverage area

·       the proposed communication standards

·       calculate the budget: how much money will be spent and what additional services will be received.

Checking the coverage area

In order not to be left without access to voice and Internet communications, you must first check the coverage map of the future operator. This interactive map shows what type of signal and what power is captured in a particular area of ​​interest to you. To understand if an operator is right for you, determine the key locations you visit constantly: for example, homework desk, summer cottage, and so on. Then look at the coverage map to see if your future operator catches the network in these places – ideally, there should be a reliable 4G signal at the points you choose.

We only connect the necessary services

Ask your operator for cost details – for a month, half a year, or a year. After analyzing this information, you will understand what services you use most often and what you do not do at all. This will help you choose the best rate with the required volume of minutes, messages, gigabytes and not pay extra.

Look for convenient innovations

Today, operators are trying to surprise their subscribers every day by launching convenient subscriptions and introducing new technologies. Stay up to date with such new products – some of the services offered may be very beneficial and useful.

Connection quality

Communication quality refers to the signal strength and range of radio waves. In simpler terms, the better and more stable the “catch” connection, the better. This indicator depends primarily on the number of towers in the area and the interaction between them. Again, you need to look at the maps: you can usually see from them what density of towers in the area you specified.

Quality of technical assistance

A good mobile operator will try to ensure that customers receive help and problems quickly. If the call centers operate 24 hours a day and the questions asked on the site are promptly answered – this is a clear plus in the karma of the operator.

Clear and clear reports on your expenses

Often, a subscriber pays from his account for a huge number of different services, so the ability to see at any time what money is leaving the account is very important. A good mobile operator tries to make these reports as transparent and easy to use as possible.