The Future of Corporate Network Security on the Internet

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Perimeter 81 Leaders on Cloud-Based Next-Generation Secure Corporate Networks

Amit Bareket, co-founder and CEO, Perimeter 81, and Gily Netzer, CMO, Perimeter 81

With the increasing growth of remoting working and the cloud, the internet is now the new corporate network, says Amit Bareket, co-founder and CEO of Perimeter 81. Bareket and company CMO Gily Netzer predict a rapid disruption in how organizations consume security as companies move from site-centric security tools to people-centric secure corporate networks over the internet.

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“We did a survey, and we found that organizations on average have more than 15 different security solutions that they’re implementing, and basically this drives alert fatigue. You have too many dashboards, too many different solutions they need to manage,” Bareket says.

In a video interview with Information Security Media Group at RSA Conference 2022, Bareket and Netzer also discuss:

  • How to simplify the cybersecurity landscape;
  • The impact of secure access service edge – SASE – and zero trust architecture on corporate networks;
  • The future of securing hybrid work environments.

Bareket leads tech, infrastructure and business relationships at Perimeter 81. He holds eight patents for storage, mobile applications and UI. After working as a software engineer for IBM XIV Storage and BigBand Networks, he and longtime colleague Sagi Gidali started SaferVPN, a consumer VPN service later sold to J2 Global. Bareket previously served in the Israel Defense Forces’ Unit 81 elite cyber intelligence group.

Netzer leads marketing for Perimeter 81 and serves as an advisory board member. She is a marketing strategist with 20 years of international B2B cybersecurity experience who builds teams across regions, establishing new technological categories and forming a marketing machine, market leadership and relationships to drive consistent business growth.