My Laptop Will Not Turn On!

There could be several problems that keep your laptop from turning on. However, most times, the solution is quite simple. You might want to try out the following tips.

One of the ways in which you can try getting your laptop to turn on again is described here. Take out any cords or cables that might be connected to the laptop. Then remove the battery according to instructions. After that, you have to hold the laptop upside down (the keyboard panel must face the floor) and while the laptop is in this position, press its power button for about 30 seconds. Your laptop will not start at this stage. When you have done this, get your laptop right side up once again. place it on a flat surface. Connect all the cords and cables back in that you had previously removed. Put the battery back in. Now try turning on the laptop. In most cases, this should work! If the laptop still do not power on, it is possible that laptop dc power jack repair may be required.

The above method is supposed to work almost every time an obstinate laptop refuses to start. Even laptops that have been left for dead are known to start using this procedure.

However, there are times when this might not work. One such time is when your RAM card might have developed some connection or performance fault. You could rectify this by removing the RAM card and inserting it again. Then go through the method mentioned above and the laptop will probably turn on. If even that does not work, replace the RAM card. Try turning on your laptop now. Before taking out the internal components for laptop repair be careful with static and if you are not comfertable please visit your local computer repair store, i suggest going to computer wizard inc, who do this kind of job for $30 or and they stock all spare parts and get your laptop repair done in no time.

In some laptops, the problem is because the power button has developed a fault. You might get the power button replaced and in the meantime if you have a Quick Play button on your laptop, you could substitute it for your main power button.

One more thing you could look into is the ZIF cable. This is a bit technical, actually. The ZIF cable is the cable that connects the power button with the motherboard. When you press the power button, it is this cable that instructs the motherboard to start performing its duties. However, if the cable is faulty, this is not going to happen and that’s when your laptop won’t turn on. Solution is to replace the cable, but you will have to spend some time looking for them.

Battery problems might also keep your laptop from turning on. Replacing the laptop battery could be a solution too.

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