Is Building Multiple Niche Websites Advantageous to Internet Marketing Newbies?

A niche website, if it’s well-designed and planned, can be your ticket to internet marketing success. But can a good thing deliver more wallop when multiplied several times over? You’ve probably already heard about multiple niche websites, a practice that many internet marketing experts believe can be a very effective way to capture a wider segment of your target market. But how effective is it? Will it be costly? What advantages does it have compared to a single niche site? More importantly, is it advantageous for an internet marketing newbie to build multiple niche websites? We take a look at the possible considerations.

Should you converge or diverge?

Convergence or divergence. That is the question many internet marketing newbie face during the initial stages of their business. It can be a tough decision – should you put all your skills, products and services together so people can appreciate the comprehensiveness of your offerings? Or should you keep one service separate from the other so that you can focus well and develop each to its full potential?

These are just a few of the questions you’ll encounter when you’re considering building multiple niche websites. Although sensible for some internet marketing newbies, it may not be practical for others. There are also certain factors that have to be considered when thinking about running multiple niche websites. These types of websites, for one, require a lot of attention, particularly because there are different things going on all at once. However, if you’re up to it, having multiple niche websites can prove to be lucrative and highly stimulating for your creative mind.

Should you build a multiple niche website?

There are advantages to building multiple niche websites instead of just a single site. But first, consider if this is the right step for your internet marketing business. If you have several niche interests that you can truly, genuinely offer valuable service for, then multiple niche sites could be a good match for you.

Multiple interests

This is also a good idea if your interest truly lies in multiple fields. After all, just because you’re in a technologically-inclined industry, for example, doesn’t mean you should ignore your interest in publishing. If you have the necessary background, experience, skills and training to handle multiple niche websites, then with a little effort, this shouldn’t be a problem for you.

Personality match

Consider also if your personality fits the business of building multiple niche websites. Having more than one interest in different niches will require a lot of patience and hard work. If you get flustered easily, why not try focusing on a single niche website first and then expanding gradually by building multiple niche sites one at a time.


Can you handle the additional cost of building multiple niche websites? Remember that you will have to spend more for hosting services and if you can’t do it on your own, even web design costs. Furthermore, as a newbie in internet marketing, it’s no assurance that building a website alone will bring in the crowd. Multiple niches mean multiple effort. If you can and are willing to invest more effort, then this could be the right step for you.

So how do you effectively build multiple niche websites? As an internet marketing newbie, the energy and enthusiasm you bring to your business can be a constructive or destructive force, depending on how you harness it. So be careful about the choices you make. Here’s why:

Streamline your interests.

If you have several interests in different industries that may be expanded effectively, try to whittle down your choices of niches to a manageable number. Make a list right now about all the areas that you want to cover in your internet marketing business. How many are there? Four? Ten? Maybe 20?

A healthy number should be around 3 or 4, maximum 5. Remember that you are an internet marketing newbie and if you aren’t careful, you could spread yourself too thin. Consider this list of niche markets and industries and determine if they can be expanded on their own. A real estate niche, for example, has plenty of possibilities. You could either go to real estate consultancy and sales or offer related services such as interior design or training. For a multiple niche website, why not offer all of these services to cover for the requirements your potential market might have?

Group niche markets together.

Learn to focus your efforts. Ask yourself: can you truly, realistically manage two or three websites dealing with the same topic? That’s two to three times the effort and expense. It also renders some of the sites redundant and thus, useless. Why not put all related information in just one niche website and use another site to host another topic?

Or, you could host two to three niche areas in just one website, thus offering a platform from which to capture your potential market. For example, you could build a multiple niche website offering information and services related to e-publishing, for example. On this website, you could offer coaching and consultancy services involving e-book publishing, editing and copywriting while at the same time, offering your own e-books and publications for sale. The products and services might differ slightly but they all belong to the same industry and thus relatable and useful to your visitors.

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