August 17, 2022


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How Much Time Does It Take To Launch A Ppc Campaign? Why Should You Prefer Ppc Management Company?

Businesses are moving to the digital platform. With the increase in popularity of virtual platforms, companies are promoting themselves on this platform too. It is only because of a large audience present on the digital platform.

To promote their business on the virtual platform, businesses take the help of Google PPC (Pay Per Click) services. Companies have to pay money to Google every time someone clicks on their Ad. It is an effective plan to boost the traffic and increase sales of any business.

It requires not days or weeks but months to decide a proper strategy for the Ad campaign. It usually takes eight months to prepare a proper plan to launch the PPC campaign.

Here is the timeline of the events in these eight months before the launching of a PPC campaign:

  1. First month:

The first month is dedicated to getting the visibility and data for the Ad campaign. For this, we have to gather data on which products sell best. In this way, the company gets an insight into the data along with visibility on potential platforms.

  1. Second month:

Now, after getting the data, the second month is dedicated to refining the keywords. The first month already showed the performance of keywords. So, delete the negative keywords and make a list of keywords that performed well in the first month.

  1. Third month:

In the third month, the users need to expand the keyword list. Since it is known to everyone that more positive keywords, more is the profit to the business, so businesses need to add more keywords to the list to gain more clicks on their ad campaigns.

  1. Fourth month:

Till then, businesses had been running the Ads for a short period to receive data, visibility, and a list of good-performing keywords. But after getting all these, companies need to expand their budget to run their Ads for a longer period.

  1. Fifth month:

Now that the business has data, visibility, and an Ad running for a longer period, the fifth month is dedicated to focusing on top selling products. Since we already had the idea of the top-selling product from the first month, it will increase the profit for the company.

  1. Sixth month:

In the sixth month, companies focus on boosting the quality scores of their Ads to increase the number of clicks. A good quality score can increase the profit of a business by about 100%.

  1. Seventh month:

The seventh month is dedicated to the introduction of remarketing campaigns. These can be done for all audiences, to increase the brand presence, and for product audiences, to aim at high return products.

  1. Eighth month:

Since the crucial audience is already diverted to the website, the eighth month is dedicated to optimizing the website for the businesses. It gives a smooth user experience to the users.

From the above timeline, it has become clear that a minimum of eight months is required to launch a successful Ad campaign. In this process, the PPC management company helps a lot.

This company comes with many benefits. Here are some reasons why you should prefer it:

  1. Keyword research:

PPC management company researches keywords. In this way, the business gets the best performing keywords that help the companies in increasing profits.

  1. Correct strategy:

Things do not always go as planned. It is why the PPC management company helps in providing strategy in such situations. The highly skilled team tackles any unannounced problems swiftly.

In this way, the optimum time and perfect team are required for a successful Ad campaign. With the collaboration of these two, the business generates adequate profit and sales.