Best Psychics For Free Readings By Phone & Chat

(Ad) Do you feel insecure in life? Is there confusion about deciding your love life, career, or relationship? Do you find obstacles in your path? Online psychic readings can give you the desired solution.

Psychic readers guide you to make major decisions in your life, as they will have a deep insight into every aspect of your life.

From psychic readings to tarot cards and astrological readings, everything is available online. But which websites should you visit to make use of these services?

There are several psychic reading sites, and it is challenging to find the right one for your needs. However, to make your search easier, we have identified the top six psychic reading platforms.

We will now present you with a detailed review of the selected psychic reading sites.

Top 6 psychic reading websites

  • Mysticsense – Best overall, 5 free minutes
  • Kasamba – Trusted for career advice and love, 3 free minutes + 50% Off
  • Oranum – Best psychic reading platform for video calls, 3 free minutes
  • Keen – Best site to find a psychic medium, 3 free minutes
  • Purple Garden – Best mobile app for a psychic reading, $10 free credit with any purchase
  • AskNow – Highly legitimate site for spiritual readings, 15 minutes for $10 + 5 free minutes

1. Mysticsense – Best overall

Mysticsense is a popular website that provides different types of psychic reading solutions. It employs psychics after testing their knowledge and skills meticulously. Although the platform is young, it has gained huge popularity due to its reliable psychics and affordable pricing.

How does Mysticsense work?

First of all, you need to register with Mysticsense to take advantage of its psychic reading services. After successful registration, when you enter the dashboard, you can find the availability of different psychics. You can select readers based on multiple criteria. Mysticsense offers 100% customer satisfaction, as it has a network of talented psychic readers. Moreover, you will find readers with some specialties.

Every psychic expert has disclosed their details on their profile. So you can choose the psychic based on the charge, specialty, mode of communication, and user rating. The best fact is that you will get a “5-minute” free psychic reading session. However, it only gets activated when you have made a payment.

Overall, the website is secure and maintains the confidentiality of your data due to its secure servers. You may also visit the blog section to find interesting information about spiritual topics.

Services and other features

Mysticsense is known for providing:

It will have a customized horoscope reading based on zodiac signs.

More than 230 specialized psychics are available to solve LGBTQ relationship problems.

  • Cheating hearts and affairs

Some readers on the site are skilled at dealing with your love affairs. When you feel that your spouse is cheating on you, it is better to have a psychic reader’s help.

You will also receive personalized readings from tarot card readers, clairvoyant psychics, grief counselors, clairaudient readers, love psychics, and astrologers. There are also pet readings, psychic medium readings, and career readings for customers.

However, there is no mobile app, and thus you need to choose your desktop to establish communication with psychic readers. The average Mysticsense reading costs about $2.49 per minute. This trusted psychic website also has a refund policy to save you from the loss of money.

Communication mode

Phone psychic readings, SMS, and web chats are the commonly chosen modes of communication.

2. Kasamba – Trusted for career advice and love

Kasamba is one of the leading players in the virtual psychic reading world. It has been working consistently for more than 20 years. Psychic readers at Kasamba are ready to solve different problems in your life. From tarot readings to astrology, everything is available on this platform. The most gifted psychics have signed up with the site to provide you with quality services. The big network of Kasamba is comprised of more than 300 psychic readers.

How does Kasamba work?

It is easy to sign up with Kasamba.

While using the site as a registered user, you will find cheap psychics with different specialties. Moreover, you can check the past customers’ reviews and feedback to analyze the psychics’ reliability and skills. There is a separate section known as Top Psychics. You will easily find high-rated psychics on the website.

As a new user, you will receive a 3-minute free reading. It is a welcome offer provided by the site. Moreover, during the first reading, you will get a 70% discount to make an affordable deal.

Services and specialization

The diversity of readings is one of the major reasons for choosing Kasamba. The most popular types of readings are:

You can hire psychic reading services that have different subcategories, such as pet psychics, UK psychics, rune casting, psychic mediums, crystal readings, and aura readings.

Relationship and love issues are very common in our lives. Every relationship is complicated, and thus you can look for readers to discuss topics such as:

    • Soulmate connections
    • Dating
    • Children and parents
    • Marital life
    • Cheating and affairs
    • Divorce and breakup

By analyzing tarot cards and angel cards, readers will have deep insight into your life.

There are fortune tellers to provide you with accurate information about your future.

Some astrologers try to make psychic predictions based on Vedic astrology and Chinese astrology. You need to provide your birth details to your astrologer for interpretation.

Making a career-related decision is not easy. To achieve success and prosperity in your life, career forecasts are important.

Communication mode

A live psychic chat is the most commonly chosen mode of communication. You can also send emails and make calls for phone psychic readings. But one drawback is that there is no video calling option provided by the site, especially for those who like to have direct interactions through video calling.

3. Oranum – Best psychic reading platform for video calls

Oranum is a high-rated psychic reading platform with a big network of readers. You will find readers with a range of specializations. There are several 4-star and 5-star rated psychic readers.

How does the Oranum psychic reading website work?

When you land on the site, you will find images of several psychic readers. You can choose a live session for psychic reading services. The chat functionality will make it easy to take advantage of psychic readings online. An additional 1,000 coins can be earned by credit card validation. However, in some cases, psychics hide their rates from their potential customers. Without creating an account, you will not be able to view these rates. It is also good to turn on the video calling feature to ensure direct, face-to-face communication.

Services and other details

Oranum has a vast range of good psychics with different reading capabilities, such as tarot readings, sound healing, numerology, and rituals. But one disadvantage is that there is no way to filter your search. You can choose subcategories to reach the right psychics.

One shortcoming of Oranum is that it has not provided clear details on how it screens the psychics. The free initial reading during the live chat gives you an overview of the skills and ability of the reader.

We have already talked about the coin packages of Oranum. The coin system is slightly confusing, as you do not know the number of coins charged by the psychic. Still, in most cases, psychics charge 1,000 to 3,000 coins in a minute. With the low-priced package, you will be able to talk to a psychic reader for about two minutes.

Thus, you can buy a larger package to find the solution to every problem in your life.

Communication mode

Private video chat is the right choice for those who prefer direct interaction. You can also make a phone call to get psychic reading services.

4. Keen – Best site to find a psychic medium has gained the attention of those who need spiritual readings. It has the largest network of accurate psychics, helping you with tarot readings, mediums, and astrological interpretation. Over the past 20 years, has attracted many users. It is also available as a mobile app version.

How does Keen work? will ask you to register with the site to buy services from psychic readers. The dashboard will enable you to track interactions with the reader. But you need to enter your birthdate to get any type of psychic prediction.

You will find a separate page to filter out the list of psychics. Some common filtering options are client ratings, price rates, and “best available.” You may also adjust your preferences any time. Some users like to filter psychics based on the price ranges. The minimum price rates at this platform start from $1.99 per minute. The initial 3-minute services are available free of cost, so you can try their free psychic chat.

Services and other features provides you with a range of services.

As there is a big selection of readers, you will easily find the right one for your needs.

  • Astrological readings – By interpreting your birth chart, astrologers will predict your future. They know how planetary transitions affect your life. Moreover, astrologers are available in different niches, ranging from Vedic astrology to Mayan and Western astrology.
  • Life path – While some true psychics rely on their skills to predict the future, others use special tools for this purpose. To have insight into your life path, you can hire a psychic reader.
  • Love life and relationships – Love psychics can deal with breakups, future partners, soul mates, and divorces. You can remove challenges from your love life.
  • Tarot readings – Readers find an answer to a question by interpreting 78 cards. You can ask psychic questions on any general topic.

Other services from the site include psychic readings, dream analysis, aura cleansing, rune readings, and LGBTQ relationships.

Communication mode lets you book appointments for live chats and calls to receive real psychic reading services. The best factor is that psychic readers are available for 24-hour services. Although some popular psychics will be in the offline mode, you can send messages to them. Thus you will find multiple options for connecting with psychic readers.

5. Purple Garden – Best mobile app for a psychic reading

Purple Garden is a highly recognized online psychic reading website with a user-friendly interface. However, you can also use the Purple Garden mobile app to access services from readers. There are enthusiastic psychic readers to help you with high-quality interpretation. Both real-time and recorded psychic readings are available on this site.

How does Purple Garden work?

Purple Garden is the sister site to Bitwine Psychics and Purple Ocean. You can register with the portal by providing basic details. Both the website and the mobile app have an intuitive interface.

It will not be a hassle to find the best psychic readers on the platform. You can also check the reviews to identify the most reliable psychic reader at Purple Garden. One of the unique features of Purple Garden is Journeys, and it enables you to share your views with others. You may also find others’ Journeys. The topics covered by the feature are breakups, infidelity, uneasy feelings, relationship issues, career, twin flames, and a search for love.

Services and other features 

Purple Garden has several professionals with psychic reading abilities. They can sense, hear, and see every detail about you. They are capable of translating their dream-like visions to make accurate interpretations.

Love psychics have the skills to analyze your relationship problems. However, they also guide you with proper counseling. The best psychics found in the relationship coaching category are efficient in dealing with relationship and love life issues. Still, you can compare them by checking their reviews and profile details.

Tarot card readers provide you with significant and accurate details about your life. They have an innate ability to bring visions into your life. You will find a better place in your life with the guidance of tarot readers.

Other services at the site include palm psychic readings, astrological readings, oracle card interpretation, dream analysis, and angel readings. Oracle guidance refers to I-ching Runes, crystal ball readings, and crystal readings.

Communication mode

You can choose a live psychic chat session to interact with real psychics. However, phone calling and video calling features are also available for Purple Garden users. The minimum charge for psychic readers is $0.99 per minute.

6. AskNow – Highly legitimate site for spiritual readings

Established in 2005, is a platform with high-rated psychic readers. You can find authentic psychics with different specializations. From customer reviews, we have learned that readers at this site provide high-quality readings. Charges for their services can range from low to high rates.

How does AskNow work?

You need to go through a two-step sign-up process by entering your personal details. During the sign-up process, you will find a bundle of packages. However, the average rate is $1 per minute.

AskNow accepts psychics after a thorough background screening process. It also encourages psychics to maintain at least 4-star ratings by providing quality services to customers. You can hire psychics using any mode, such as Visa, Discover, Mastercard, and American Express.

New users can take advantage of the introductory package. With the 5-minute free bonus, you will receive psychic readings for $1 per minute. You may search for spiritual psychic advisors and legit psychics by their prices and categories. Master and Elite-level advisors have set a higher charge for their services.

Services and other features

Psychic readings at AskNow are found in different categories:

  • Finance and money – Remove your financial problems with the guidance of psychics. You may also ask questions about your career.
  • Relationships – Psychic readers can solve queries related to family relationships and romance.
  • Astrology readings – Professional astrologers identify astrological positions to describe your life patterns.
  • Dream analysis – Your dreams have a symbolic interpretation, and thus you can learn about them from a dream interpreter.
  • Free horoscope – Without paying a fee, you can read your daily horoscope.

Although AskNow has a website, you can use the app to connect with talented and gifted psychics.

 Communication mode

A one-click phone call is an advantage for everyone who likes to connect to the psychic reader. However, you may need to wait in a queue when your chosen psychic reader is unavailable.

How did we choose the best psychic reading sites for our list?

You can gauge a psychic reader’s ability and authenticity in different ways. But as you are searching for a psychic reading website, you need to analyze the overall status of the platform. It is challenging to identify the most reliable psychic reading website, because there are several options available. Moreover, every platform has a different registration process, services, pricing, and promotional offers. That’s why we have developed a ranking method to provide better choices.