Atari 2600 Lego Set Includes Joystick and Little Lego Game Cartridges

If there’s two things guaranteed to consider you back to childhood, it is Lego and Atari (properly, if you happen to be a certain age). Now people two iconic toys incorporate into a a Lego version of the basic Atari 2600 console — entire with Lego-ized joystick and cartridges of Atari games Asteroids, Experience and Centipede.

The Atari VCS/2600 was released in 1977, whilst the new 2532-piece Lego set is primarily based on the 4-change revision which arrived along in 1980.

The brick-constructed console can be opened up to expose a Lego minifig actively playing in a 1980s residing home, while the sport cartridges switch into scenes from the actual games. The 1980s-obsessed men from Stranger Points would be amazed. 

Lego Atari 2600

It seems genuine, doesn’t it?


The brick-built console is produced to rejoice Atari’s 50th anniversary (entertaining point about the firm’s 1972 generation: did you know one particular of the founders, Nolan Bushnell, was also the dude who began Chuck E. Cheese?).

The Lego Atari 2600 set goes on sale Aug. 1 for $239.99 in the US or £209.99 in the Uk.