Archon NES Game Review

Archon is a game that came out for the Nintendo Entertainment System back in 1989. It is one of the best non-sports multiplayer games created for the NES because of the re-playability. Archon is sort of like chess, but it definitely takes chess in a whole new direction. There are fantasy like chess pieces. However, instead of the typical taking a piece by landing on top of it, when a piece lands on another piece it becomes a dual that you control.

During the battle, depending on the piece you have better abilities and can be stronger than your opponent’s piece. In addition, there are bonuses for black and white squares depending on your color.

The computer is slightly difficult if you are playing single player so do not expect to win every time when you first start playing. There are a couple of pieces that the computer is really good with, but in general you will find out how to counter the computer’s AI after playing 10 times or so. Playing against the computer is okay, but playing against your friends is where this game gets really good. If you like chess, then you will love this game.

This game really does take the re-playability of chess and put a spin on it that makes it way more fun than your typical game of chess. It is definitely one of the more quality games for the NES and most likely the best remake of a board game for the entire NES system.

Overall, Archon is a fantastic NES game that is one of the classics that NES owners who played as a kid remember quite fondly. This game is highly recommended to go back and play if you played this one as a kid because surprisingly you will find that it is still very fun even as an adult. This game definitely receives the “classic game” status. Rating: 9/10

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