Amazon Games would “consider” a ‘Lost Ark’ console version

Smilegate and Amazon Online games would “consider” making a console edition of their MMO Dropped Ark.

In a new interview with VG247, Amazon Games’ franchise direct Soomin Park was questioned about the probability of a console version of Dropped Ark, particularly an Xbox and PlayStation port.

“If Misplaced Ark on consoles is a thing that admirers truly want, then I consider it is a little something both equally functions would think about,” Park reported.

In conditions of competitors, Park also touched on Blizzard Entertainment‘s preferred Diablo series, declaring, “We certainly feel like there’s an opportunity for Missing Ark to create by itself as a big participant, as tested by the total of achievements the recreation has noticed so far.”

Lost Ark
Shed Ark. Credit: Smilegate

“One of the points that will make Shed Ark exceptional is the large volume of information that permits you to play how you want. If you want to just have a solo RPG working experience and enjoy by means of the story, it is effortless to do so,” he added.

“One regular component of the video game is that the combat is built to be enjoyable no matter whether you are functioning solo or in a team. Misplaced Ark undoubtedly scratches an itch for lovers of ARPGs, and also implements MMO aspects so properly that it’s appealing to enthusiasts of that style as well.”

Amazon Online games lately shared that it launched the MMO’s March update much too shortly, saying, “We designed a slip-up releasing the March match update too speedily soon after start.”

Thanks to the game’s gold-farming bot problem, players have been finding it challenging to get a hold of the elements they will need to scale their people through tier-a few development, earning it tricky for them to interact in the additional tough content Lost Ark has to offer you. Smilegate has mentioned it is operating on battling the bot issue.

In other news, Tango Gameworks’ Shinji Mikami wishes to make non-horror video games.