All Work and No Play? The Most Addictive Mobile Phone Games Ever!

If you’ve owned a cellular phone for a while you probably have played a lot of games with them. Some, especially those that are on the more sophisticated and technologically up-to-date models are filled with pretty good graphics and more advanced gameplay than their older counterparts. Truly, a cellular phone game can give you hours of fun, enjoyment and relaxation. They are handy especially during the long waits where you have to be seated like in airports, planes, boats and buses.

But whatever new games may arise with all their high technology features and flashy graphics and animation, there just is no way they are beating the classics. Some of the favorite game titles may look really simple in comparison, but this simplicity is what gives them their lasting appeal and following across a variety of age groups.

Some of the most popular games that come in mobile phones are:

* Pacman: Ever since the gaming consoles of old, Pacman has been one of the biggest and most exciting games that you would ever play, bar none. So transferring all that ghost avoiding, pellet munching, yellow guy loving fun from there to mobile phones just had to happen. Relive the glory days with this classic in all its versions!

* Space Impact: There hasn’t been a shoot-em-up game for mobile phones that has reached the popularity of Space Impact. Accompany the mercenary Geneva through the most dangerous corners of space and battle evil robots, aliens and monsters along the way. The powerups and special weapons are what make this game even more enjoyable.

* Tetris: Ever since Alexey Pajitnov invented the game in 1980, it has become and absolute phenomenon, with almost every kind of console or gaming platform on the planet having at least one version of this game. It’s very simple to learn the basics but very hard to master, so this game will really push you to your limits. Die hard fanatics can be addicted to this game for years, and we’re not really surprised.

* Snake: When Nokia released its 3210 model in 1999, mobile phones were never the same again. This adaptation of the arcade classic spawned a revolution and is now perhaps the most popular pre-installed cellphone game in the world. Guide your snake through elaborate tunnels and mazes and have an amazing time with one of the most addictive games ever made!

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