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PITTSBURGH, Feb. 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Agot AI is a food service-focused trailblazer in the computer vision (AI) technology surge that is transforming industries across the globe. The company has developed a computer vision product that can accurately confirm order accuracy in real-time and notify employees if an order needs correction. This technology has become increasingly useful with the growing trend toward online ordering and drive thru. Agot’s customers include some of the largest blue chip food service brands in the world and investors range from top tier Bay Area investors to influential food service-specialized funds.

The recent $12 million funding round is enabling Agot AI to continue growing its team of exceptional engineers and expand the reach of pilot programs with some of the world’s largest QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) brands. Additionally, Agot will be adding features to their offering, designed to improve the overall customer and employee experience in store, at the drive-thru and behind the counter. 

“When we came across Agot we knew that it had the power to transform the industry, particularly with the new dynamics we see in QSR since the start of COVID,” said Adrian Reiter of Conti Ventures, the venture arm of strategic investor Continental Grain Company. “The need for consistency in order accuracy has surged since curbside pick-ups and drive-thru ordering has become the norm. We continue to be impressed with the work the team is doing and the innovation they are inserting into every piece of the food service experience.” 

Agot uses computer vision technology to improve order accuracy and customer satisfaction. The technology supports employees by using computer vision technology in restaurant kitchens to help ensure that orders are being prepared correctly. The Agot technology can help restaurant teams be more efficient by ensuring orders are accurate, benefitting both employees and customers. 

Evan DeSantola, CEO of Agot, explained, “Our initial product focused primarily on order accuracy for to-go orders. But as we worked closely with our pilot brands, we found that there were many ways to improve customer and employee experiences for in-house dining, drive thru and real-time back of house analytics.” 

To date, Agot AI has closed on $12 million in funding from Conti Ventures, the Kitchen Fund, Grit Ventures and Yum! Brands as investors. Yum! Brands has been partnering with Agot and will be piloting the technology in approximately 20 restaurants, with plans to expand to around 100 restaurants pending the success of the pilot.

“We are always looking for innovative ways to leverage technology to empower our team members, and improve both their experience and the customer experience in our restaurants,” said Gavin Felder, Chief Strategy Officer at Yum! Brands. “We’re excited to partner with Agot, and the early results from our initial efforts with them indicate a promising potential to deliver more accurate orders to our customers across all the channels we serve.”

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