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A Guide to Premium Domain Names |

It’s busy online. 1.74 billion websites existed in January 2020. Every website needs a domain name, but not every domain registrant builds a site. Thus, there are more than 1.74 billion domain names.

Since the first domain name was registered in March 1985, it’s become harder to find the right one. Those with dictionary words and popular extensions have been registered.

Now what?

First off, a domain name’s registration doesn’t mean it’s unavailable. A large market exists for buying, selling, and investing in premium domain names. Premium domains are shorter and keyword-rich, making them more expensive. They may save you money in the long run by eliminating the need to market a subpar domain name.

What else do premium domain names offer? Let us take a look into the business benefits of premium domain names and what they can offer. 

Premium domain names give your company an edge. How and why?

1. Promotion and branding

Branding, including your domain name, is crucial. Your brand needs a domain name that matches your business and site. Premium domain names like,, and highlight your business’s specialty.

2. Marketing

Premium domain names boost marketing. Premium domains are shorter and contain keywords, making them easier to remember than hyphenated, number-filled domains. In marketing, like word-of-mouth, this helps customers remember and share your domain. It also helps people remember your domain name on business cards and flyers. Because people remember premium domain names, you won’t waste money promoting your mediocre one to get people to visit your site.

3. Trustworthiness

Business requires credibility. Domain names are often the first brand interaction in the digital age. Domain names can make or break first impressions. Let’s say you want to buy a new car and get a loan, but you don’t know who to work with. You search Google. You’ll see a lot of results, but will you click on or

Premium domain names impress first impressions.

a) Web Traffic

Premium domain names attract type-in traffic. Instead of using a search engine, people are typing your short, keyword-friendly premium domain name into the URL bar to search those keywords. Voila! Your premium domain matches their search terms. Direct website traffic has high conversion rates, benefiting your business.

b) SEO Gains

SEO seems mysterious—is it science? Magic? SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, optimises your website for search engines. SEO ensures that the most relevant and useful sites appear first in search results. Like premium domains, shorter, keyword-rich domain names rank higher in search results. You also need a relevant website. Keywords no longer guarantee top placement. If you have those keywords in your domain name and a good website, your SEO potential skyrockets.


Here is hoping that you have understood why premium domain names are important. If you are planning to get one and a domain name registration is due, we urge that you get it from a reliable provider that is ICANN accredited. Till then, keep reading fellas!

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