August 17, 2022


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9 Essential Features of Travel website

It is factually correct that the tourism industry settled suddenly with the rise in the pandemic. However, there’s nothing to worry about. Slowly and steadily, the tourism sector is back on track. In fact, most countries are now allowing tourists to visit places that were earlier closed this year. What is more interesting is that these places did get a chance to go for a complete overhaul. 

With the economy slowly booming, many Website Design Company across the globe are now boosting sites with powerful features. Not only this makes it look visually appealing; it equally helps the SEO Company get you the best deal.

As you stick with us, here are some wholesome features you should add to your travel website.

The Power of Augmented Reality (AR)

AR has gained popularity due to its visual effects. The 3D view, along with the virtual tour, allows your customers to experience the tour’s real nature. This is something that can generate extensive business leads. Also, it will enable hotels and other hospitality centres to share their local sites, rooms, etc. 

Go for Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is another big attraction point for the tourism industry. Now, you can go for guided tours of any place in the world through your website. The latest technology allows users to experience a 360-degree view of sites, travel companies, agents, and more. In fact, this is a ground-breaking development that most Website Design Company in Kolkata, India, packs you when developing your site. 

Progressive Web Apps

These web apps are nothing new. It just acts as a modern mobile app. However, this is relatively new; it’s booming. This web app works as a native app, but when accesses through a browser, there no need to download it. Say a user books a hotel, now he/she can access information without the need for internet connectivity. You can save it on the home screen and use it as a mobile app. Some of the examples include

  • Make My Trip
  • Cool Cousin
  • Ola 
  • Redbus


People need to see places, know things in order to visit. Therefore, high-quality images and pictures are essential when you own a travel website. In fact, quality images have a substantial impact on your website. Additionally, people interact with social networking websites that have plenty of pictures. 

Predictive Search

Predictive search is a drop-down list that pops up when a user types his/her requirement. Web Design Company applies this trick to find results quickly and to display thoughts arising in the queries. It saves time on typing if the user lacks a physical keyboard like a tablet. What you need to go for is to type a few words, and the search will display on the screen.


You will come across a range of travellers; some may be budgeted while others may not. If the pricing is unclear with hidden charges, it will affect your business reputation. If you want to increase profit and stick customers to your business, experts from a Web Development Company recommend attaching charts. However, it shouldn’t offer too much or too little information. 

Quick Booking System

You need to provide a real-time update about all the services. Make sure that your website is linked to a property management system (PMS). This will help you put information like destination, check-in, check-out dates, contact information, etc. Apart from that, you need to have a safe and secure payment option for seamless service. 

Big Data

Most companies use big data to predict the behaviour of their customers. It merely depends upon patterns, trends, and associations. For companies like Amazon, Facebook, Netflix, these are their lifeline. By working on big data, travel agencies can improve customer experience. 


Customer reviews and testimonials have a considerable impact when knowing about your service. A lot of people purchase services online if the product has five-star ratings. In the travel and tour industry, ratings are a make or break factor. Therefore never take it lightly. 

Final Wrap

The travel industry comes with many dimensions. Run your website as per the trend and grow your business exponentially. Do consider making your website a treasure trove of information.