August 17, 2022


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Want To Boost Your Start-Up Business? Dignexus Will Help You


Owning a business is not a matter of joke, especially when you are just launching a start-up. Because at the start comes the responsibility to create a base, then comes the importance of marketing to spread the name of your business in the field, and lastly, the liability to make your name alongside your many competitors. But as you may have realized, it’s not that simple.

You cannot do it all alone, which is why Dignexus as a renowned Digital Marketing Agency is here for you. Many start-ups have failed in this country even before creating a base for themselves because most of them refuse to enlist their business online. Many well-established businesses use digital marketing as leverage to not only boost their business online but to make an online entity of their offline business. The prospect of digital marketing goes beyond gaining profit as there are many digital marketing channels that can be used for getting results, unlike others.

Channels like:

  • Youtube Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Referral Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization

Each of these tools has a different role in taking your business to the top. And to get a more thorough understanding below is a small briefing of how each of these works.

YouTube Marketing

After Google, YouTube has the second position of being a popular search engine. With more than 2.3 billion active users on YouTube, your business can thrive online. But due to a lack of understanding and knowledge about the prospective use of YouTube, not many start-ups consider exploring this platform to the fullest. The experienced digital marketing team of Dignexus can show you a new length of success with the YouTube marketing package.

Search Engine Marketing

This is one of the best digital marketing strategies that will conduct more sales and can get more exposure. Advertising on a search engine will list your business at the top of relevant keyword searches. With this, you can reach your target audience and generate a sale. Along with that, SEM brings instant results, so you can determine whether it is working or not.

Content Marketing

It may not sound as lucrative, but content marketing falls under the most strategic method of increasing traffic to one’s website. 90% of operation is currently using content marketing as a means to get more audience in their websites, as stated by the Content Marketing Institute. This is an effective and budget-friendly strategy that leads double times more leads than paid search.  Even though content marketing from a digital marketing company provides long-lasting and increased results at a time, it will take some time to be effective.

Referral Marketing

Referral marketing is a proven method that creates a fan base for a brand. With this marketing strategy, you can turn your customers into sellers. How? Well, people only suggest something when they either like the product or if they are getting something in exchange for the recommendation. And offering them something in return is the most effective way to gain popularity. You can provide them gift vouchers in exchange for urging them to visit your website. This formula can be seen in many platforms, from Facebook’s invite friends to Amazon’s referral codes.

Social Media Marketing

Just like YouTube marketing, social media marketing can gain your business exposure and recognition. People now live off by social media, whatever they, they ensure to talk about it or flaunt it on such platforms. Not only that, along with this marketing strategy being most effective, it is also cost-effective. Several social media platforms are there to create a customer base, like:

Twitter- by using the trendiest and most fitting hashtags, your business can become one of the most popular brands in the country. It is the platform for B2B business but we can also make it work for B2C businesses.

Facebook- this is the most popular social media platform that has more than has 2 billion users. Facebook is comprehensive to promote almost any product, business, or service niches.

Instagram- Another great platform that will not only promote your business but make a good base for it as well. If your business niche is from health, fashion, modeling, fitness, or photography then Instagram would be best for you.

Search Engine Optimization

For start-ups, focusing on SEO or Search Engine Optimization is crucial to get lasting traffic from search engines. SEO brings organic traffic to a website and that is also without having to pay extra. You can get new customers continually by starting a blog, optimizing landing pages, homepage, and other aspects of it to get organic traffic. Dignexus can make your website user-friendly as well as use SEO to help you grow. That is why we come first when you’ll search “digital marketing agency near me”.