Trends That Will Shape The Future Of Mobile Application Development

Mobile application development is definitely one of the most rapidly growing sectors. There are various types of apps in the market today. Some of the most common types of mobile apps are:

  • Social Media Apps
  • Gaming Apps
  • Business Apps
  • Banking Apps
  • eCommerce apps

Trends change quickly and people are businesses need to keep up with the latest trends in order to stay competitive. Here are six such trends that every business must know:

Wearable devices

2015 saw the launch of many smart wearable devices. These devices mark the beginning of a new era in technology. Mobile technology has slowly moved towards wearable technology and this opens up new opportunities for businesses. Especially the healthcare sector can totally benefit from wearable watches and smart sensors that provide them with basic health information on the go.

Mobile connected smart objects

Electric bulbs, toys and domestic appliances that can be connected to mobile devices is one trend that will really catch on in the near future. This interconnected internet of things will communicate via an application on your smart phone. Wireless or electronic control of your home appliances will greatly aid in home automation.

Mobile commerce

Brick and mortar stores are rapidly opting for online options and those that are online are rapidly moving towards mobile applications. The plain reason is to be where the customer is. Most of the customers spend 60% of their average time on electronic devices on smart phones. It definitely makes sense to develop a mobile application.

Motion and location sensing

Most of the mobile phones have location sensing capabilities. Knowing the location of an individual can greatly help in advertising and sending notifications on the latest and greatest deals. Motion sensing properties are used in anti theft, security and power saving as well as mobile games. Motion sensing and location sensing combines with mobile applications will definitely enable a new generation of highly personalized services.

User experience designs

Innovative user experience designs are a key factor that will drive the future of mobile application development. In mobile apps some challenges faced are partial user attention and interruption. This means that the app should be designed to efficiently handle user interruption by either advertisements or notifications.

Application performance

Application performance is one of the most important factors that will shape the future of mobile apps. With new technology smart devices emerging at a rapid rate, mobile apps need to keep up with the speed demands of these devices in order to provide users with a great user experience.

The future trends in the field of mobile apps is dependent on how well the developers adopt innovative ideas and leverage from the existing mobile features to provide businesses with extremely delightful and useful mobile apps.

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