The Best GameCube Games

Ah, the GameCube. It could possibly be my favourite console of all time. The small discs, its adorable minimal cope with, the Wavebird…yeah, we experienced some excellent periods with each other. But the greatest moments we had were with these game titles in specific.

I have designed this checklist — with a minor input from some others below — dependent on a few of factors. First of all, my personal personal favourites from the time, of program. But also, provided the truth we’ve received some perspective on the GameCube now, which kinds ended up the most GameCubey games. The type of titles that outlined (or have been representative of) a console that observed Nintendo and its close friends take some large dangers with some bizarre strategies.

Before we begin, while, spare me your sob stories. If your favorite is not below, chin up. Just due to the fact I didn’t dig a recreation — or didn’t assume it was superior or odd enough to make a listing identified as THE Very best (sorry, Melee) — does not make your have feelings on it by some means invalid!


Seem at this fucking online video video game. It is been more than a 10 years considering the fact that it came out, and it even now looks better than, oh, anything.


Do you know what was the ideal thing about this video game? It wasn’t the system style and design, which remains a collection highlight. It was the multiplayer insanity you could string up if you knew somebody lucky/dumb enough to have actually acquired the GameCube’s broadband adaptor. Double Dash’s LAN mode could assist up to 16 players locally if you had enough consoles and controllers. I only ever performed with 8, but there are handful of emotions in video clip game titles as aggressive and exhilarating as possessing that many individuals going nuts in a solitary Mario Kart race in the same room.


That. Topic. Song.


A great activity (albeit a outstanding port of the Dreamcast unique), which these days is frequently neglected and overlooked when in comparison to online games on far more popular platforms. Hey, just like the GameCube by itself.


What a attractive catastrophe this was. All frenetic electricity and vivid colors and mad people and bullshit boss fights. I consider more than any other activity this actually set the tone for what the Platinum men would go and do as soon as they left Capcom. Of all of the Capcom 5, this was conveniently the most Gamecubey.

RESIDENT EVIL 4 out?v=oQ6sr7Bvl7Y

It’s simple to fail to remember, because its been ported and re-produced and remastered to hell and back again, but this game introduced to start with on GameCube, and it was a single of the most astounding points men and women had ever found. I have outdated publications lying around which say it is the Greatest Recreation At any time, and I empathise, simply because at the time it genuinely did come to feel like some subsequent-gen witchcraft.


Folks normally complain about a lack of third-occasion aid for Nintendo consoles, but in 2001 the GameCube introduced with just one of the very best Star Wars game titles at any time manufactured. A lot of persons favor the sequel, Rebel Strike, but several game titles have ever made me sit down with a console at start and say “holy shit this is following-gen” like Rogue Chief did.

PAPER MARIO: THE THOUSAND 12 months Door out?v=SLxGoKFH_oM

Among this and Wind Waker, the GameCube confident had a knack for encouraging (at the very least when it arrived to initial-get together growth) timeless artwork variations over flashy results. A smarter Nintendo would have turned this into the world’s #1 cartoon present.


A match so quick I want to puke just pondering about it. Why Nintendo hasn’t introduced this game back on extra latest consoles boggles the mind.


Hahah, Super Mario Sunshine. Hahahaha. Haha. God. It is a marvel of modern video clip game progress that this title went all the way from “fever dream” to “sitting on shop cabinets internationally”. These times it wouldn’t even get previous the “fever dream” phase, and that is what I love about each this game and the GameCube alone.


So, there was a GameCube new music recreation named Donkey Konga, and it really came with these huge plastic bongo drums that you smacked on to engage in. Like Guitar Hero, only…with drums. It was humorous, but the other match to use the bongos was as GameCube as it bought. Jungle Defeat had the participant use a bongo drum to enjoy a platforming match, with movement and assaults done by…playing the drums and clapping.

And it was fantastic.

Tremendous MONKEYBALL 2

Why is this video game here? I necessarily mean, it’s rather superior, but to sit alongside this kind of infamous corporation? What’s so special about it?

The controller. The GameCube’s controllers experienced this odd octagonal “guide” lower into their plastic casing that intended in its place of enabling for uninterrupted 360-diploma motion of the thumbsticks, you’d eventually operate into 8-way “points” that locked the stick into posture.

In a game that requires the utmost precision, those people guides turned what could have been a discouraging exercising into a zen-like video clip video game encounter.


Once again, it’s a sequence that is portion of the household furniture now, but on the GameCube — the initially time the activity had been witnessed outside the house Japan — this was a revolution. Certain, I necessarily mean, you could eliminate things and race automobiles on the Xbox and PlayStation, but paying off a mortage, fishing and moving beds all around? Oh gentleman.


Of all the dumb shit Square Enix have finished about the years, couple of points had been as gloriously defiant as Closing Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles. You essential not only four gamers in the similar room, but all 4 had to have Game Boy Advancements plugged into the GameCube! Which means nearly nobody could ever play it as meant. It’s the most Square Enix detail you can envision for the GameCube.


So, most online games previously mentioned are exceptional video clip games. Some are excellent movie game titles with a weird GameCube twist. Odama isn’t that wonderful, but it is 100% bizarre GameCube twist.

It was a war activity that you played by crushing armies using a large stone pinball. And it came with a microphone, so you could manage your personal military making use of your voice.

Just…watch the video higher than.


I would have been fired if I still left this off the record.

PIKMIN out?v=SlRWVaN0ido

An oddball console deserved an oddball Nintendo sequence.

This story was initially composed in 2015, and has been republished to celebrate the console’s 20th anniversary.