Show your computer who’s the boss

This week I aided a good friend with an situation wherever her Windows Laptop “converted all of her PDFs into Google Chrome files.”

Which is how she worded the challenge.

PDFs on her Laptop that formerly had an Adobe Acrobat icon now showed Google Chrome icons, and double-clicking on them opened the information in Chrome.

I have seen this specific issue just before, so I was equipped to converse her via it in excess of the cellular phone.

The challenge was with the default app tastes.

Each and every laptop — Home windows or Mac — has an inner listing of what default applications to use to open each and every file style.

Let us use PDF data files as an case in point.

For PDFs, your computer system could possibly open up them with Adobe Acrobat or Acrobat Reader, or Apple’s Preview or a browser, like Google Chrome or Firefox.

Like my good friend, often you are going to open up a folder and see peculiar icons on your files.

Usually this transpires just after a application update. In this occasion, it was likely soon after an running method or Google Chrome update.

To fix it, you’ll need to reset the default application for PDF documents.

On the Pc, suitable click on on any PDF and decide on “Open With” from the popup menu.

At the prime of the window, you ought to see the application that is now set to open PDFs.

You will also see a checklist of any other app Home windows can use to open up PDFs, which include all your browsers.

Choose the app you want to use to open up PDFs from now on and then seem at the base of the box to see a look at box to “Always use this application to open up .pdf documents.” Click on to set a check out in that “always open” box and then click Alright.

In an instant, you will see all the PDF data files improve more than to display the icon of the application you choose. If you selected Acrobat, all the PDF information will now show with an Adobe Acrobat icon.

Mac buyers can use the same technique. Choose a file, ideal click and choose Get Data.

In the Get Data window, click the arrow to develop the Open With area and you are going to see a popup menu with all your app selections.

Choose the a single you want and then simply click the “Change All” button below and then shut the Get Information box.

This assistance is not just for PDFs. You can established the default application for any file sort working with these very same guidance.