Lost Ark For Console? If Fans Make Enough Noise, Amazon And Smilegate Would Consider It

Smilegate’s popular MMO Lost Ark is doing big numbers on PC, but could it ever come to console? Amazon Games boss Soomin Park said in new interview with VG247 that nothing is off the table.

If fans make a clamor for Lost Ark on console, then Amazon Games and Smilegate would consider that feedback and factor it into their plans. That said, there are no guarantees.

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“If Lost Ark on consoles is something that fans really want, then I think it’s something both parties would consider!” Park said.

Amazon’s other recent big PC MMO release,New World, also released exclusively on PC with no plans to launch on console. Lost Ark’s FAQ page has an entry pertaining to possible other platforms. It says, “Will it only be on PC?” And the answer is, “Yes, Lost Ark is only available on PC.”

Smilegate’s other recent big release, CrossfireX, is available on console, so the South Korean studio has a history of supporting platforms outside of PC alone.

Lost Ark had about 450,000 peak concurrent players today on Steam, making it one of the most popular games on the platform. The game was originally released in South Korea years ago before coming to the West in February.

Park observed that there is an evolving trend of “globalization of content” across all forms of entertainment media, including video games. Park said Korean pop music and TV is also growing in popularity in the west, so it’s natural and expected that Korean games could thrive in other markets.

Not only that, but Park said Lost Ark fills a gap in terms of what gamers want.

“There’s also been a major gap in action role playing games–what Lost Ark does best is give fans of ARPGs what they crave while combining the richness of an a full MMO with social engagement and an ongoing end game experience. The game takes the best features of both those genres into highly compelling loops,” Park said.

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