Does cable tv have a place in modern-day America?

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Cable television is an American staple, with over 60 million subscribers to-date. It is the number one source of entertainment for households across the US, with thousands of channels available for an affordable price. When looking at cable tv’s costs versus the alternatives to cable such as satellite and streaming services, it is best to look at each one individually and compare what you get for your dollar.

With several cable tv providers available, choosing one should be based on what each one can provide in terms of channels, cost, as well as availability in your area. A benefit of cable tv is that the networks often overlap, giving you a wider choice of channels, even if you are not in that area. This occurs frequently with news and sports channels because of their broadcasting capabilities.

Cable television has of late lost subscribers because of the introduction of new streaming services, which provide on-demand viewing through an internet source. But it has managed to hold on to the older generations who prefer cable tv to the newer technologies without having to worry about things like internet speeds, data, and an internet connection which they would most likely not have much use for.

Another reason for loss in viewers is the fact that customers want a smaller, more targeted package, as there are channels they pay for but do not watch. By allowing customers to create their own bundles, this could draw a wider audience. Sports fans might prefer more sport channels in their package, while those with small children would most likely opt for more family friendly channels and those aimed at education and children specifically.

Some might say that cable tv is a dying industry, but with the wide host of channels teamed with the reliability of cable tv, even in foul weather, there are still die-hard fans of cable tv. From news, series, movies and sports and channels aimed specifically at children and education, cable tv has something for everyone. Streaming services and streaming boxes do not provide any sports content, so cable tv or satellite tv will remain an important content provider for many years to come.

There is no doubt that America is a technologically advanced nation, with many media companies pulling their content from cable and satellite television and joining streaming services. We live in the age of the internet, and with the convenience of being able to watch anywhere, more and more Americans are favouring streaming sites rather than cable television.

Installation of cable tv is simple, as it requires only a fibre-optic cable which is installed directly into your television set. Fibre optic is hard wearing and long lasting, providing you with years of entertainment. Most cable companies offer contracts for a year at a time, with the option to renew when you reach the end of your current contract term. You do not need an internet connection, aerial or antenna to view cable tv, making it more convenient to use and install.