DIY Your Own Backyard Movie Theater in 3 Steps

The next time you’re craving a movie night, why not set up your very own cinema in your backyard? With minimal supplies and a simple, straightforward setup, you can create an outdoor theater in no time. So, pop some popcorn, grab a few blankets, and follow these tips to watching your favorite flick right in your own backyard.

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1. Choose the Space

You can’t have a movie without power, so be sure to find a spot outdoors with access to outlets. Then design your setup with lighting in mind. Make sure that nearby house lights, street lights, or passing car headlights won’t reflect against your movie screen.

2. Build a Screen

Can’t afford a retractable projector screen? Not to worry: there are plenty of DIY options. Opt for a plain, white wall or crisp, white sheets, either tautly taped or sewn together, to act as the display. For a clear, crisp image, create a makeshift blackout cloth by attaching dark fabric to the back of your white screen. And if you’re worried that your sheet will wrinkle or shift in the wind, then you can secure it with a thin frame made of wood or lightweight piping.

3. Set Up the Technology

The gist: connect the video signal from your DVD player into the projector, then connect the audio signal from your DVD player into the speakers. Sure, you can go all out with surround sound, but a pair of basic computer speakers is a perfectly fine, easy-to-set-up alternative. Adjusting the size of your projection is as simple as moving the projector itself either closer to or farther from the screen.